Freezing and Thawing


Sell Customers on Freeze and Bake

You don’t have to be the only one using your freezer. A selling strategy gaining traction with bakers across the country is selling items that customers can freeze at home and bake when ready. From cupcakes to cookies and more, bakeries are getting creative about making kits that can go from freezer to table in no time. If you decide to do this for your customers, offer decorative items like frostings, glazes and toppings that they can use after baking, and include step-by-step instructions so they feel confident in their ability to bake something special.

Easy as Pie

Unique partnerships are springing up everywhere. You can sell bakestable products to other small businesses around you and build new partnerships in these times, to create lunch boxes for instance, and give people food that feeds the body and soul.

Meet Your New Best Friend - The Freezer

In today’s environment, bakers are looking for strategies that help them to be more efficient and successful. From new portion sizes, to take home kits, to online classes and more, bakeries are showing they have the creativity and inspired ideas to sell their baked goods even in the most challenging of times. In your efforts to come up with new ways of working, don’t forget the ally lurking in the corner of your bakery – your freezer. 


Make and Freeze for Efficiency

Dealing with staffing challenges is common right now. If you are operating with a reduced team, consider earmarking one day for baking, where you can produce higher quantities of baked goods and freeze them for use throughout the week. This means that you can survive with back of house staff on fewer days, and focus on the marketing and retail side of your bakery.


Cookie Pucks

Understand the Science of Freezing

If you decide to implement freezing as a business strategy, be sure you understand the science of it. Any freezer or refrigerator acts as a dehumidifier, pulling moisture out of what’s inside. When that moisture collects in the air, products like cake will take in that moisture, making them moister after a period of days. So, for products that benefit from being moist – like cake – this is a benefit. For products where added moisture may ruin them – like anything laminated – freezing can be risky.  

Here are some other quick freezing tips:

• Don’t freeze filled products – fill them after you thaw or use them fresh
• If you have baked goods that require glazes or frostings, finish them off once thawed
• Consider which products should be frozen raw – like donuts, cinnamon rolls, and pies versus products that should be frozen baked – like cakes
• Be sure to freeze products right away and thaw them slowly to maintain the integrity of the product

If you want to fully understand the science of freezing, speak to a Dawn technical expert who can work with you virtually to dig deeper into how best to use your freezer as a tool for success.