Getting More Done Starts at Dawn

A Marketing Mix that Drives Traffic

Dawn is also focused on helping you get more done with consumers. We leverage our consumer insights and deep trends knowledge by developing marketing kits that help bakeries promote the products we know consumers crave, build traffic for your bakery, and keep customers coming back with proven strategies for creating loyalty. From Halloween campaigns that come complete with boxes, marketing materials, and suggestions for success, to social media assets and seasonal promotions that help you get the most out of each season, Dawn’s marketing support works like an extension of your team, bringing customers in your door throughout the year.

Halloween POS

Lately, you’ve probably heard us talking about our commitment to helping our customers get more done. For Dawn Foods, this is more than a headline…it’s how we approach all areas of our business, always focused on the customer, helping you improve how you create, bake, and connect.

It’s about delivering quality products you can trust and matching services to our customers’ needs; services that help you get the most out of your time, your talent, and your bakery. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the ways we help our customers get more done. They’re proven, they’re easy, and they’re here for you, too.


Products That Do Double Duty

For more than a century, Dawn has been the leader in donut mixes and more, continually innovating our products to keep bakeries efficient and in step with what consumers want. This commitment has never stopped. What does it look like today? For one, we are focused on creating total programs for bakers that help you win customers and keep them coming back.


It’s no secret Dawn knows donuts. We offer a range of donut mixes and bases, then, you can finish them off with our fillings, glazes, and toppings that make your donuts the ones consumers will talk, text, and tweet about.. What does this mean for you? It means you get from mix to amazing faster, helping you improve profitability while diversifying your bakery range. It’s a donut mix that does double duty – more choices and more profits.


We also work with bakers to develop total cake programs that help you bake better and bake faster. Our line of cake mixes don’t dome like competitive mixes – they are formulated to bake with a level surface, ready for your decorations. This means less wasted product and less wasted time. No more evening up domed top layers or throwing money down the drain when you have to dispose of all the cake you had to cut off. Again, you can then turn to Dawn’s icings, fillings, toppings and glazes to create cakes that take less effort but offer more impact and visual “wow”.


Donut Range

Time Savers That Add Up

The impact of our products goes beyond quality, consistency, and taste. We look at our offering holistically, ensuring that every element, from packaging to performance are designed to give you competitive advantage. Our packaging is designed to help your teams streamline tasks they do multiple times a day. Considerations like these make daily work easier and more rewarding, allowing teams to focus on what they do best - bake and decorate, with less effort and less frustration. Looking for other products that can do double duty in your bakery? Check our dedicated recipes and product pages to give you ideas, recipes, and inspiration for the products that can be used for multiple offerings across your bakery.


Technical Service Experts Here to Help

Beyond our products and other services, Dawn also offers the support of our technical service teams who will provide remote or onsite expertise and insights for your bakery. Our tech team is made up of seasoned bakers and other industry experts who can advise you on product performance, optimise recipes for your specific equipment and needs, help you introduce new products, and troubleshoot any roadblocks you may be experiencing.


Coconut & Mango Cake

For generations, Dawn Foods has helped bakers all over the world get more done. And we’re never going to stop coming up with new products, new services, and new ideas for helping your business improve profits and delight consumers.