How to Adapt and Excel in the New Normal

Navigating the new normal together

We’re here to support you through this uncertain time with bakery solutions, insights and resources that will help you find your footing, adapt your offer and thrive.

3. Make things personal to boost loyalty

Do you know your customers by name? Can you remember your regulars’ favourite orders? Making the effort to create personal connections with your customers will pay off. Consumers are willing to pay over 15% more for a personalised service (source: FMCG Guru). Keep a notepad behind the counter to jot down small details so you can start a thoughtful conversation with regular customers next time they come by. Doing so will make them feel known, valued and more loyal to you.

The personal touch also applies to products. 73% of consumers want some type of personalisation (source: Globaldata) so enable customisation on certain menu items, such as choices of donut toppings or different sides to pair with tarts or pies.


Personalised Cake

As corona measures remain in place, a ‘new normal’ is materialising.

Exactly what that new normal will end up looking like long-term, we don’t know, but what the last few months have proven is homeworking works - and it’s here to stay. With 10-20% of an average baker’s revenue coming from commuters (source: CHD), bakeries will need to adapt their offer to maximise appeal and make up for this. Especially to stand out against supermarkets who saw an increase of 6% in bakery sales during lockdown. Here are some recovery strategies to help you do just that:

1. Encourage and entice customers to come into store

Hygiene is top of mind for your customers so delivering on essential measures will play a key part in increasing the number of people that walk through your doors. We’ve pulled out the top five measures customers expect to see.

COVID Infographic


Another tactic for attracting customers in-store is making it an oasis away from the home office. With many people having to share workspaces with partners, and juggle childcare and home-schooling alongside having somewhere to retreat will be most welcome. Entice them to do so with quiet, distanced working spaces or cosy corners where they can take a break to reset.



2. Reach homeworkers through delivery

For some homeworkers, leaving the “office” isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love a delicious cookie or cake (or both) at their desk to get them through a heavy work day. Set up a delivery option to meet their needs and boost your customer base. This could be done independently - just sticking to a small, local radius for ease - or use online delivery platforms to take the logistics off your hands.



4. Increase value and embrace indulgence

In the current climate, with many people feeling the financial burn, it’s important to offer your customers increased value. That doesn’t necessarily mean lower prices - in fact, value seekers often end up spending more - it means adding value to their experience with you and creating accessible indulgences.

The desire to treat ourselves doesn’t stop in a pandemic or during recessions. But with money tight, consumers are going to be foregoing fine dining for more fiscally responsible moments to connect with friends, like over coffee and a pastry. Maximise on this by becoming a social hub where people enjoy indulging themselves guilt-free. You could also make the most of the community spirit felt during corona by hosting small (rule of 6) community gatherings - creating more personal connections in the process.

To increase financial value, bundle deals are the way to go. More than 40% of consumers drink a beverage with their pastry so a discount deal to prompt them is win-win (source: NPD Crest).

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