How to Start and Develop Your Business Social Media Presence

In the current market situation it is crucial to make your business more visible and be able to keep in touch and engage with your customers. No longer is adding your business in Google, Yell or other company listings enough to help you gain exposure and attract customers.
People are looking for businesses that have social media presence and regularly upload content and images to deem them credible and a good place from where to purchase baked goods.

We have put together some information on how you can start up or develop your social media by creating  Business profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will then be able to offer your products and services to a wider audience.

If you already have a personal account with one of these platforms it might be a good idea to create a Business profile on a second one to capture the attention of customers from different age groups and social circles. 



If you are completely new to Facebook, you should start by creating a Business profile.

For initial set up you will need:

  • Business Name and Description – a bit about your business story and the delicious products you are selling.
  • Profile Photo and a Background/Cover Photo - choose your images wisely. Use your logo or tempting photos of the bakes that best represent your offering.
  • Call-to-action – think about what your current and potential customers should do when landing on your Facebook Business profile. You can ask them to visit your website, contact you via phone, send you an email or a direct message in Facebook.

Here is a useful link with further examples of how to set up your new Business Page:



20 social media use



Already have a personal profile?

You can set up a page that will mirror your personal profile and at the same time have useful business options and tools with which you can reach more people. You would be able to add opening times, your business contact details and also move across people that are customers or potentials from your personal to your business profile.

After converting a personal profile to a page both of them will be live, so you will be able to manage your work page separately.
There are a few things to consider when converting a personal profile into a page, which you can read more about on this page in the Facebook support section:





Faultline Cake 


Instagram can be a great tool for bakeries to showcase their delicious products as it is a mobile application that offers tools to take and edit images and upload short videos.

The posts on Instagram are image based with short descriptions and the use of hashtags ‘#’ that will boost the visibility of the content, so more people will be able to find your delicious cakes!

There are two ways to set up your Business Instagram account once you have downloaded the application on your phone:

  • If you already have a Facebook profile, you can log in with your details and then within the app settings choose ‘Switch to business account’.
  • Another option is to start completely from scratch and create a new profile by filling in your Business details and location and then continue with choosing to set up the account as a ‘Business’ from the options menu.

Here is a guide with more information about setting up your Business Instagram account, where you can also find step-by -step instructions:


If you prefer more interactive guides, Facebook has set up a series of short Free courses that cover topics from ‘Set-up’ to ‘Posting’ and managing your ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ accounts:




Twitter is also a great platform for bakers to start or expand their social media presence. Here you can share a few short posts a day with different content to attract the attention of followers.

Customers are interested in the story of the bakery and also the people behind the lovely bakery images that were shared, so make your posts personal and say what you and your team are doing.

To set up your Business Twitter account you will need:

  • Twitter handle – this is the username that will appear on your account and customers will be able to find your bakery with it, so it is best to keep it the same as your business, or as close as possible.
  • Company bio – it needs to be a short description that summarises your bakery story and a mention of your delicious products. Also, don’t forget to add your website and contact details!
  • Similar to Facebook and Instagram, here you will also need a profile photo and a ‘header image’ which will appear as a background on your profile. Choose images that best represent your business - company logo, photo of a product or a collage of a few items in  your offering.  


Like in Flour image


Strawberry Fruit Filling Slices 

Here are some more tips to help you set up your Business Profile on Twitter:


When you have set up all your accounts we have more recommendations on how to improve your social media presence in our Insights section: