Pantone Colour of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Blue is on the horizon! Pantone’s spring and summer 2020 colour predictions are about cool blue tones instilling calm, confidence, and connection, highlighting our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. Blue is reminiscent of the ocean, so catch the wave on these colour predictions and try using them in your bakes with our recipe ideas below:  

Ombre Donuts

Put Dawn Dip Quick White in a few bowls and mix in increasing amounts of blue food colouring to create various shades of blue. Decorate your donuts starting with the lightest shade on top, working your way down to the darkest shade of blue. If you like, add decorations before the glaze dries. Bonus: Ombre donuts look great on social media!

Blue Hue Layer Cake

Dawn Vanilla Frosting can be coloured to different hues of blue using food colouring to create a fantastic visual effect. Using a paring knife, mark the cake roughly into 4 even stripes, so you know how much to pipe of each colour. At the base of the cake, pipe the darkest blue frosting with a large plain straight tip. Pipe 2 rings of each hue around the cake, using the same size tip, until you reach the top and lastly pipe the original Vanilla Frosting (with no colour). Use a palate knife to go around each ring and create a gradient effect. Smooth out and top with decorations.

Blue Cake Pops

Melt our Cabo Blanco White Belgian Couverture, colour it deep blue and use to coat your cake pops, finishing with blue sprinkles, sugar sand or crystals.
Find out more information on this colour trend on the Pantone website here




Blue Cake Pops
Blue Hue Cake