Bakery Trend Spotlight - My Food ID

Trend Talk - A Closer Look at My Food ID 

The connection between food and our histories is being expressed more and more, and in a wider variety of ways. From pictures, social media posts, and sharing special meals with others, we all want to be recognised for who we are and how the food we choose reflects our values and where we come from.



My Food ID Donut Wall

What This Means For Your Bakery - Making My Food ID Work For You

How does this connect to your bakery case? The possibilities are endless.
• First, consider ingredients that tie to your region or community. From the south? Think about scones, jam and cream. From the north - Parkin. From Wales - Welsh Cakes, Scotland - Dundee Cake. And so on.
• You can also connect to causes that matter to you and your customers. Earmark certain products to celebrate community charities or consider donating a portion of the proceeds from a certain baked good to your local animal shelter or veteran’s organisation.
• It’s always smart to get the customer involved. Things like social media contests that ask customers to submit their favourite family food stories start a conversation and celebrate the My Food ID trend.
• You can even consider featuring the winning stories by creating limited time baked goods that reflect the ingredients or history in the story.
• Savvy bakers are launching their own lines of merchandise like coffee cups, t-shirts and more, so that customer advocates can wear their merchandise with pride. Once they know you support local, celebrate history and are willing to showcase food stories, you will have people willing to wear your brand out in the community.


Research at the Ready – The Three Key Data Nuggets You Need to Know

Corporate responsibility is transitioning from being considered a premium to more of a baseline consumer expectation.
• 88 percent of people will show support for food products when they know that the company aligns with their personal values.
• Factors like promoting worker welfare, sustainable product sourcing, and connecting profits to a benefitting organisation or cause all add up to socially responsible product development.
• 77 percent of consumers today actively support small businesses with ties to their community.


What’s the bottom line? Consumers want products that empower them to showcase and support what they care about while expressing their individuality.

Try This Trend Now

Take a look at this recipe for a Summer Berry Cheesecake and use it as a base to top with local fruits or products that people can consider part of their Food ID. 

We're focused on My Food ID, where food is an expression of who we are and what we believe in.

You Are What You Eat - Our Food Choices Matter

Do you have brands you are loyal to because their products and values align to what you care about most?

If so, you’re not alone. Today, we look to food for more than sustenance.  We look to food as a window into who we are and as a way to express our passions, family, and culture. Food can do more than taste great – it can communicate our personal stories. So, What’s Trending in Baking? My Food ID.


My Food ID Personalised Cake