Dawn Foods US Bakery Trends

Jacqui Passmore, Marketing Manager at Dawn Foods gives her view on our love of America and the emerging trends that bakers should look out for:

“The love affair with American culture expands into exciting flavours, bakery combinations, nostalgic comfort foods and food with a story – products that are different to or ‘better than’ the competitors’.

“High street bakers can demonstrate a real point of difference with their competitors with quality American sweet bakery goods focussing on different themes – New York Deli; New England Home; Deep South Soul for example. America is hot news for UK bakers and an opportunity to create something really different.”

Dawn’s Top American Sweet Bakery Trends  are:


Full on Flavour – Sweet and Salty

Packing in flavour is going to be extremely popular with customers who are becoming more adventurous with their choices. Dawn’s Salted Caramel Muffin blends a mix of sweet and savoury flavours and has proved to be hugely popular since its launch. Multiple filling and flavour combinations – sweet and savoury too – such as Carrot Cake Tulip Muffin with an injected cream cheese filling. Consumers are willing to try new flavour combinations too – maple and bacon, lavender and lemon or chocolate and sea salt are exciting innovations which we have recently seen in the market.

Mash It Up – Hybrid Desserts and Bakery Lines 

The last couple of years saw the emergence of hybrid products such as the ‘cronut’, the ‘duffin’ and the ‘yumdough’ all designed to challenge consumers’ longstanding love of the cupcake. Fusing sweet bakery products is a trend we expect will continue into this year as consumers seek out new and interesting products. ISB is driving NPD in this category with retailers developing new ideas to meet consumer demand – the beauty of Dawn mixes is that high street bakers can use their own skill to create their own unique ‘mash up’ bakery products!

Then and Now

Sweet bakery products are often impulse purchases that are emotionally and comfort-driven, so nostalgia is a key ingredient when it comes to appealing to consumers. Dawn’s Carrot Cake and Victoria Sponge Mini Loaf Cakes are a smaller bite of traditional favourites which are loved by consumers. A great way to put an ‘upscale’ spin on childhood classics is to use the Dawn range of icings, toppings and fillings.


Food as Experience

Increased foreign travel and exposure to US TV means consumers understand Krispy Kreme; Chili Dogs, Root Beer and Taco Bell and tie in to the culture which they associate American food and brand names. From Cookies & Cream to Carrot Cake, Whoopee pies and Key Lime, American food gives consumers a story and an experience to enjoy.