Nothing beats the feeling of biting into a just baked donut. Whether you like the traditional English ball donut smothered in sugar (try eating one without licking your lips!), an American style ring donut with a simple glaze or something completely over the top and indulgent, who can resist the much loved donut?

You may not know this, but Dawn Foods invented the first industrial donut mix back in 1920s Jackson, Michigan so we know about what consumers love about them and how bakers can make their donut offering stand out from the crowd.

Donuts are going through a renaissance. They’re fun to eat and can be served in lots of different ways (alcohol inspired is one of the top flavours adults would be willing to try!) but the classic filling flavours of jam, custard, chocolate or caramel remain  on top. Individual treating or sharing with friends, family or colleagues in the office is all part of the fun and the chance to have a little ‘me time’ – we work 25/7 and with our busy lifestyles it is important to have a bit of indulgence now and then.

Donuts are special because they are loved by all generations too – from grandparents to children making a donut wall is the current on-trend dessert option for weddings  – just choose your favourite from the selection!

Rainbow Donuts resize 

Creating new flavour ideas is the trick to take your donuts from the everyday to an irresistible treat. Recent flavours that emerged on the market are Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter and Matcha but innovative flavour combinations, often with a nod to dessert favourites include Lemon Meringue Pie, Crème Brulee, Toffee Apple and Salted Caramel. On the alcohol theme the Dawn team has created some exciting ideas too, such as an Irish Stout donut – ideal for St Patrick’s Day!

Texture will give your donuts added appeal. Try lavender sprinkles, the grown-up botanical version of rainbow sprinkles or a crunchy topping like Popping Candy to give a great taste experience. And for even more recipe ideas try some of the other delicious A to Z Donut Flavours.

Combine Sweet and Savoury – savoury donuts are also set to make their mark. A quality donut mix is excellent at carrying inclusions and can be flavoured with savoury ingredients such as garlic, onion, or even paprika. Flaked sea salt tastes delicious on top of donuts and especially when paired with chocolate, caramel or Maple syrup.

Make it a sandwich! Donuts make a great product for sweet and savoury fillings too. Overload fillings, icings, even ice cream and toppings /decorations in one donut to create indulgence in every mouthful.

Dawn Foods has developed a range of exciting donut recipes and we have loads of facts about donuts too. Why not pick a letter and see what it corresponds to in our A to Z Donut Flavours.