Dawn Trend: Simple and Pure

Many of us want to lead healthier lives but feel overwhelmed by complex and sometimes-conflicting information from doctors, nutritionists, influencers and the media. We crave a no-fuss approach to eating with pragmatic principles: Eat real food, made with familiar, wholesome ingredients. We believe real food is closer to nature and, as such, it naturally has less of the “bad stuff,” like artificial flavours or colours. Products and services that are unfussy, easy to understand, simple and pure will spark interest.

There’s mass confusion in the food world: when butter is back, but bacon causes cancer, knowing what’s good is more confusing than ever, causing some health seekers to take a more intuitive approach to food.

Therefore the Simple & Pure trend was born and bakers can take advantage of it and attract new customers by adding treats to their offering that are perceived as healthier through their simple and natural ingredients, inclusions and toppings.

Drivers Behind the Trend

  • Attributes such as natural, real and clean are increasingly associated with health and seen as  inherent to a product.
  • Natural ingredients were the most important health attribute in a global health and wellness study.
  • Consumers prefer getting nutrients from the natural ingredients and are trying to avoid “added” ingredients.
  • There is double-digit continuous growth for clean label-related new product development around the world*, including: North America  18% , Europe 17%, Latin America 37%

* % represent CAGR (2011-2015) of new product launches tracked with a clean label claim
* Clean label claims: no additives/preservatives, natural, organic or GMO-free