Tens of millions of people still live with their very attentive parents, these young adults are in their mid-twenties, don’t like making mistakes and have high expectations of both themselves and others. Their comfortable home situation enables them to have most of their needs easily met by living at home. They are risk averse and have disposable income. They are the ‘me’ generation that doesn’t want to grow up. They are Kidults.

Due to the purchasing power of this sector, we see the increasing rise of adult versions of children’s foods, cute products, pastel colours, whimsy, playful motifs and fun experiences. Think cutesy, play-food, no longer just for children. All things sweetie expand possibilities in food as the theme manifests itself in the childish, the unusual and the experiential, putting the fun back into food and making every experience playful and childlike.

Sweets and desserts will be given new adult-appropriate twists – alcoholic, super-sized or sold inside irreverent packaging. Irreverence is important. Brands will involve notions of play in their message and not take themselves too seriously. We will see baked goods with DIY tubes of caramel sauce, jellies with Haribo sweets embedded in them. But don’t be fooled, this generation read the label, they want added benefits with their fun.

Blended foods take the eating experience back to childhood. Tubes and bottles of food add to the ease of eating. Personalisation will differentiate products and enable sales within the gifting category to grow and crossover.