Savvy Social Media Strategies in the age of COVID-19

Whether you consider yourself a social media expert or are just starting to think about activating social accounts for your bakery, now is the time to ramp up your online presence. This can feel daunting given the daily shifts businesses are being required to make as COVID-19 impacts the world, but there are important reasons that social matters now more than ever.

1. Keep Up with the Pace of Change 

Given that dynamics and restrictions are changing almost hourly, people are turning to digital communications for the latest information. The very format of social media makes it ideal as a top source of content – you can update frequently, adapt to the latest news, and push it out in real time with little to no financial investment. Start to communicate frequently to build a loyal audience who will start to turn to you for content.


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2. Answer the Questions Your Customers Have

In the COVID-19 climate, everyone has questions. Social media allows you to answer them and reinforce what matters most to your community. For instance, the latest research indicates that consumers are most concerned about cleanliness when selecting where to go for carry out, even more so than cost, taste, or location. (Datassential – COVID-19, Report 3, March 18, 2020) Understanding what is on the minds of your customers and directly addressing those concerns in your messaging allows you to play a vital role in these trying times. 

3. Provide a Break for Weary Minds

Once you’ve answered the important questions and provided key business information, you can also use social to inspire your customers and help them escape the constant news cycle. Posts featuring beautiful baked goods and how to videos help people connect through baking, which is more important than ever. You can also promote the new products you’re offering in the carry out culture – decorate at home cookie kits or frozen cinnamon rolls consumers can bake and ice.

We're Here to Help You

Still intimidated by social and struggling the find the time?  We’re here to help. Dawn Foods will be providing social media content and suggestions to our customers over the coming weeks to help you stay connected and stay busy. It’s just one way we put bakers first and are focused on doing all we can do to help you succeed.