Student Ambassador Ross: Celebrating Father's Day

Father’s Day is a renowned event celebrated widely, to showcase everything fathers do for their children, grandchildren or people generally. This event is during the summer months, so it would be a great idea to start enjoying the summer and celebrate this occasion. On this event, it is essential to have some sweet bakery items to celebrate life’s joyous social occasions.

Let’s highlight what you can do with baking to celebrate Father’s Day! 


Father’s Day biscuits could be made in the format of father/dad by using special cutters and icing them as well as using decoration e.g., sweets, sprinkles, or your father’s favourite chocolate. Producing cupcakes could also be another option, by decorating them in all different colours and putting them together in the shape of dad or father!

A traybake could also be produced for Father’s Day - a cookie bar, brownies or blondies or whatever you fancy! It then could be decorated with a piped message for the occasion. Another major Father’s Day bake that could be made is donuts with customised flavours and placed on a donut wall or a donut stack to really celebrate this occasion. 

Father's Day Donuts

There are some flavours that should be considered for Father’s Day baking which are more popular with men. They include vanilla (a classic!), orange, chocolate, and popcorn - which could all be incorporated into the baker’s offering for the occasion. Finally, another idea for a personalised bake is adding dad's favourite drink to the sweet treats, or even creating a cake in the shape of the specific drink like a barrel cake or a mug of beer!

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Beer Mug Cake