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Cinnamon Roll Sourdough Donut


Student Ambassadors Claire Pretty and Ellen Horsey share their ideas on flavour pairings both sweet and tangy for sourdough donuts.


Claire suggests:

Keep it simple

Let the wonderful sourdough flavour shine with a simple Cinnamon sugar ring donut. Make ring doughnuts donuts and toss them in little a bit of cinnamon sugar whilst they are still warm. The sweet cinnamon flavour will pair nicely with the slightly sour dough notes.

Sweeten it up

Balance the sour flavour in the dough with sweet and creamy fillings and take hybrid baking to the next level too with these dessert/cake combinations:
• Apple crumble filled donut. Fill a sourdough ball donut with a sweet and creamy vanilla custard and a little sweet apple compote. Top the finished donut with vanilla icing or embrace the sweetness of the cooked apple and opt for a caramel glaze. Finish with a sprinkle of crumble for added texture and visual appeal.

• Piña colada filled donut. Fill the finished sourdough ball donut with a fresh coconut cream and a little injection of tropical pineapple. Add a drop of rum flavouring into the coconut cream or use it to spice up a plain glaze. Finish with some toasted coconut flakes to enhance the coconut flavour and added texture.

Raspberry cheesecake filled donut. Fill the ball donut with an indulgent cheesecake filling and a sweet raspberry compote or jam. Top with a shiny white glaze and freeze-dried raspberries for an extra zing of raspberry flavour.

Embrace the sour 

Enhance the sourdough flavour with sharp citrus fillings and tangy creams.

Ricotta and lemon filled doughnut. Fill a sourdough ball donut with a tangy ricotta cream with a little added lemon zest, curd or flavouring. Top with a shiny white glaze and some candied lemon zest.


Ellen suggests:

All American

Trendy Cinnamon Bun 

Combine the delicious flavours of cinnamon and cream cheese with the sour notes in a take of cinnamon buns with sourdough and cream cheese icing. Sourdough cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing or a new take on peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Create a with a sourdough ball donut and fill it with double injection of filled with peanut butter and raspberry jam filling. Don’t forget to add some icing or dusting sugar on top of the donut!

Delicious Breakfast

Ideal for an American style-brunch or breakfast, how about a sourdough maple syrup caramelised bacon loaf or sourdough waffles with berry flavoured cream?