Valentine's Day Bakery Inspiration

Instead of traditional heart shaped cakes, we’re seeing a big expansion of cakes suitable for celebrating romance. Red Velvet and chocolate give a different take to sponge while creative use of icing means bakers can have fun with slogans to appeal to love-sick and love-cynical consumers alike.

Vegan continues to be big news in sweet bakery and vegan-suitable ingredients means a Valentine’s that can be enjoyed by everyone is not only practical for the baker, but good for sales too.

Student Ambassador Krystal Jenkins offers some delicious Valentine's Day ideas:


Chocolate Salted Caramel Fondants

Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. With a warm gooey chocolate centre, or with an extra new twist such as salted caramel, chocolate fondant is a simple but delicious dinner date treat.

Irish Cream Profiteroles Tower

Invented in the late 1700s, the Croquembouche, is a tower of cream-filled puff-pastry balls encircled with caramelised sugar and is the on-trend wedding cake alternative for stylish brides. Add a new dimension by adding Irish cream to the whipped fresh cream inside the profiteroles.

White Chocolate and Rose Cupcakes 

From a single red rose to a bunch, the red rose is the symbol of romance. Why not create an edible rose with home baked cupcakes, the perfect dessert for your customer to give to that special someone? A combination of rose and white chocolate will give a subtle flavour and look to the cupcake.

Indulgent Chocolate Orange Mousse 

Another chocolatey dessert - a chocolate orange mousse is, in my opinion, one of the best desserts for Valentine’s Day. The added orange flavour prevents an overwhelmingly sweet and sickly taste … meaning you can eat more without the guilt!

Heart-shaped Raspberry Pink Macarons 

For this final dessert idea, I have taken inspiration from the country of love itself, France and the new perfect bakery gift of love – the macaron. Shake up the macaron with on-trend flavours, such as speculoos, yuzu, chilli chocolate, cherry blossom or inspired from the Bloody Mary with sake, wasabi, soy, and tomato paste flavoured.