Smart Cake Strategy

A Partner for all Your Needs

You have the cake – now sell it! Work with Dawn for your cake decoration needs, like our exclusive range of Dobla® Chocolate Decorations and Toppings for that eye-catching finishing touch, and other ingredients you need to put your cakes in the spotlight every day. We’re here to be your one-stop shop for a cake program that builds your bakery and your business.

Tuxedo Cake

Cake may be tried and true, but with Dawn, it can also drive growth and inspire sales. Be a bakery that takes the cake with a smart cake strategy!

Every consumer at every bakery expects to see cakes. They are a staple consumers turn to for celebrations and milestones. But just because cakes are expected, they don’t have to be ordinary. Cake can be a business tool in your Dawn-inspired collection for growing your business.


Save Time and Money Whilst Improving Quality

Driving costs out of your bakery doesn’t mean skimping on quality. With Dawn as your partner, you can do it all with confidence. Our cake mixes provide the right balance of ingredients formulated specifically to reduce doming. This means one less step for your team – no levelling off cakes for decorating, and less waste, which translates to money in your pocket. Our mixes are also expertly created for flexibility and to give you a moist cake with a tight grain and no tunnelling, which can dry out your cake and ruin its visual appeal.


Ombre Rainbow Cake

Decorations That Dazzle to Top It Off

The cake itself is just the first piece of the puzzle. Be sure you’re also adding value with top-of-the-line decorating. Dawn’s Frostings and Icings empower your staff to save time mixing and blending – no errors and no rework. Our colour palette also translates into less blending to get just the right look on desserts that will stand out.

Want to do something custom? Experiment with different piping nozzles for specific effects, such as a bird’s nest or classic swirl. Simply spiral or even just spread on with a palette knife for a handmade finish. Try combining two frostings in a piping bag to create a two-tone effect for greater consumer appeal. Finish a frosted product with a drizzle of one of our icings for extra indulgence. up.

Chocolate Strawberry Gateau

Focus on Flavour

Cakes need to taste as good as they look. Dawn’s full portfolio of bases, mixes and other ingredients mean you can start with a base that is easy to customise with on-trend flavours or inclusions that take cakes to the next level. If you want something a little healthier or specific to customer’s dietary requirements we offer Reduced Fat, Reduced Fat & Sugar, Gluten Free and Vegan Cake Mixes too.


Coconut & Mango Cake