Smart Things to Invest in Your Bakery

Many businesses are looking for smart ways to operate more efficiently and effectively this year. Here, Dawn Foods breaks down the investments you should make into your bakery business for the most impact tomorrow and beyond:


Go Digital 

One lesson businesses learned in 2020 is that we don’t need to be face to face to conduct business. Use this strategy in as many areas of your business as possible. Online doesn’t have to mean out of touch. Often at times, connecting with customers digitally makes them feel even more a part of your brand. A few ideas include:

• Work online ordering into your website so that customers can order anytime, anywhere, taking your bakery with them throughout the day.

• Use digital marketing to stay top of mind. You can send out coupons, updates on daily features, seasonal specials, and more.

• Take your back of house digital with online ordering, banking, and tracking. Seek out suppliers that offer these services so that you’re always just one click away from having the products you need, when you need them.

Go Digital

Streamline Your Supplier Relationships

Often, many bakers spend unnecessary time managing multiple relationships with their suppliers. Between different companies for products, another for innovation, and maybe even another team for technical support, bakers aren’t getting the most out of their time or their suppliers. Seek out relationships that are built on more than delivering products and extend into helping you operate at top performance. The best supplier partnerships occur when you can count on expertise, technology solutions, marketing support, and product consistency and performance, all from one proven team.

Keep It Simple

While you’re investing in smart tech and tools, remember to keep it simple by focusing on what you do best. Don’t take on too much at one time. Are you known for your decorating? Celebrate that with products that showcase the talents of your team. Do people come to you for donuts? Think about how to ramp up your donut business with new flavours, capitalising on 2021 trends, and promoting specials of the day or week. Give your customers what they love, and they’ll always come back for more.


Invest in Your Team

Even if tech starts to play a bigger role in your business, it will never replace top quality service or a bakery team that is passionate about your brand and your products. Invest in hiring and training a team of people who bring varied and valued skill sets to your bakery and who are willing to share those skills. Once you have the right people in place, share their skills with your customers! Feature your employees on your social media to make your bakery feel personal. It will not only build relationships with the public but also create value for all that goes on behind the scenes that customers might not otherwise think about.

Father & Son Baker

Improving your bakery doesn’t have to mean big changes. Just a few small shifts can have lasting impact if they help you become more efficient in your operations and more top of mind for your customers.