Due to a sense of underlying disappointment in the current state of affairs on our planet, people wish for ‘better’ and ‘other’, opening up new horizons. The unlimited potential of space and other planets unfold copious possibilities in all areas of creativity and thinking; from films to clothing. An increase in new sci-fi driven visuals, explorations on Mars and space flights to the moon reinvigorate notions of getting off the earth. Space food, space travel and space clothing point towards the desire for a new future and a sense of ‘cool futurism’.

Dehydrated food has been used in space flights since the early days of space travel. As an effective way to store food and preserve the life in food, dehydrating will become more commonplace, preserving food for both survival and health reasons. Countertop dehydrators will become more affordable for home use. There will be more use of dehydrated fruits and vegetables for decoration, embellishment and added nutritional benefit. Dehydrated crackers, fruit leather and snack food will come to the fore.

We haven’t moved far from the idea that space and the future is wrapped in foil and tin, but the proliferation of metallics also reflects the sense of fun and that will be iterated in a number of contexts. Metallics will be used to adorn, wrap and coat food, while gold and silver leaf will be added to liquids, baked goods and used as decoration of sweet treats. Edible metallic embellishments will be popular.