Restaurants, cafés and food producers are now having to take into consideration the growing amount of various food intolerances and speciality diets.

Gluten free products have gone from being niche to something which are available in global chains like Dunkin’ Donuts. Gluten free has become extremely popular with non-coeliacs who equate gluten free with health and that is on the increase. Bakers are specialising in variety grain breads and pastries which don’t contain gluten. With gluten free products on the rise, most brands see this as an ideal opportunity to create a USP and add more to their range.

Paleo has been a growing trend in 2015 and will continue to be popular based on the current trend for protein. Full fat milks, butter and cream will be back in vogue because our health concerns will be focused on carbs and sugar. Fat will no longer be the ‘bad guy’. The Raw Food movement will become more mainstream partly due to the vast amounts of aspirational food pictures from health-focused Instagrammers. Raw products have much more shelf space in health food shops and more raw products are finding their way into people’s consciousness. Gone are bird seed crackers and now raw cheesecakes and pseudo-baked goods are growing in popularity due to their healthy image and better tastes and textures.

Veganism gained a lot of momentum in 2015 with celebrities championing the cause. This trend will continue throughout 2016, as customers look for ways to be healthy and think about the environmental impact of what they consume. Brands and producers can no longer ignore speciality diets, free-from options or healthy alternatives, because the market sector for these products is growing and increasing dramatically.