Spice Up Bakery with Cinnamon

How to use Dawn’s Cinnamon Spread

  • Cinnamon Rolls/Chelsea Buns: Simply spread onto the dough before rolling into shape
  • Pastries: Create the perfect traditional breakfast Danish
  • Monkey bread: Perfect for sheet-dough into your traditional or unique monkey bread
  • Muffins and Cakes: Swirl through the batter or inject into the centre with this filling before baking

Don’t forget to finish your cinnamon creation with a drizzle of Dawn White Glossy Icing, or for a more indulgent product, Dawn Cream Cheese Frosting.

When lockdown hit in March 2020, many people turned to baking banana bread and boasting about their creations on social media. Home baking stuck around for lockdown 2.0 however, it then seemed that people threw in the banana bread idea, opting for the classic Cinnamon bun. Searches for former Bake Off contestant Martha Collinson’s cinnamon bun recipe saw a 692% increase in views alone. (http://bit.ly/MetroCinnamonBuns.)

So why the sudden popularity of cinnamon buns? Its popularity could be linked to interest in American bakery products, such as Cinnamon rolls and Cinnamon pretzels, as well as the health benefits that are associated with cinnamon. Even if cinnamon rolls are hugely indulgent, consumers can dream that the addition of a little cinnamon makes this sweet bake ‘better for you’ – can’t they?!


Cinnamon is thought to offer many medicinal and soothing benefits due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, as well as containing anti-inflammatory antioxidants. It is believed that the spice can help reduce blood pressure and lower blood sugar, among many other medical conditions and is regularly used in Chinese herbal medicine practise.

Though cinnamon is an at-home bakery favourite, consumers are also starting to seek out products incorporating the spice whilst eating out. Whether a traditional option like the Pret A Manger Cinnamon Danish or Pizza Express’ innovative twist on one of its well-loved classics; Cinnamon Dough Balls.

sourdough-donut cinnamon

Supermarkets are driving this trend, with several cinnamon based sweet products in the in-store bakery. Waitrose for example, offer a great selection of cinnamon infused bakery including well-loved classics like the Iced Cinnamon Swirl with Sultanas and the new Mini Cinnamon Men (think gingerbread men but … Cinnamon!)

According to Taste Wise, (https://www.tastewise.io/foodtrends/cinnamon) offering classic cinnamon buns as well as innovative cinnamon bakery products such as muffins and donuts, is a great way to entice customers into purchasing an additional sweet treat whatever time of day, post lockdown.

Vegan Cinnamon Swirl

With its roots in American bakery heritage and now a global bakery ingredients supplier, Dawn Foods knows a thing or two about bakery trends – and cinnamon to boot! Dawn’s Cinnamon Spread is a great and easy way for bakers to incorporate cinnamon flavouring into their bakery products.

Ready to use straight from the tub, so no preparation is involved, the cinnamon spread can be used across many applications, from sweet doughs to muffins to give a warming cinnamon flavour. Made with natural flavours and free from artificial colours, Dawn’s Cinnamon spread is suitable for both vegan and vegetarians. It is added to the dough before baking and is both bake stable and freeze-thaw stable.

Monkey Bread