Student Ambassador Kitty: Halloween Tips for the Bakery

As one of the most celebrated annual holidays, Halloween provides ample opportunity for bakers to get creative with developing new products. 

One of the best things about Halloween is its broad appeal to children and adults alike – this translates into a demand for baked goods that appeal to either one or both of these age groups. Consumers may be looking for indulgent autumnal treats to enjoy with a warm beverage, spooky bakes to serve at Halloween parties for friends and family, or bitesize snacks to give out to trick-or-treaters. When devising your bakery’s Halloween strategy, it is essential to consider what will appeal to your target consumer and fit your brand image.

Caramel Apple Muffins

We also provide bakery ingredients and finished products perfectly suited for the season. Must-haves include:

  • Spicy Pumpkin Filling
  • Delifruit Xtra Apple (90% fruit content)
  • Toffee Frosting
  • Orange Curls
  • Dark Chocolate Curls
  • Blood Orange & Chocolate Muffin
  • Blood Orange Cookie with White Chocolate Chunks & Dried Cranberries
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Halloween Decoration

Visual appeal is especially important when it comes to Halloween bakes – they need to be bold and eye-catching. Using bright colours typically associated with Halloween, such as orange, black, green, purple and red, is the best way to make your baked goods stand out. 
There are a number of novelty Halloween designs for bakers to pick from, including ghosts, spiders, monsters, witches, zombies, pumpkins, skulls, bats, vampires and more. 
However, there are generally two main approaches to Halloween decoration. On the one hand, you can create bakes with cute, cheerful characters – think spiders with googly eyes, cookie monsters, and floating ghosts. This style of decoration features in most Halloween bakery ranges and is particularly appealing for families and children. On the other hand, bakers can go down the more creepy route – think pies with creepy faces, bleeding eyeballs, and scary skulls. This style of Halloween bakery, while less mainstream, is increasing in popularity as a way for bakers to showcase their unique creativity.

Halloween Flavours

Many bakers choose to incorporate classic American flavours or warming autumnal flavours into their Halloween bakes. This is an effective strategy as these are the flavours that consumers associate most with this time of year. These can include pumpkin spice, toffee apple, maple and pecan, salted caramel, chai spice and cinnamon.
But you don’t have to stick to these more traditional flavours. Some more unconventional natural ingredients, which are currently on trend, lend themselves well to the Halloween theme. Blood orange curd makes a fantastic filling for cakes, donuts and tarts, especially when paired with a dark chocolate ganache. Ube powder can be used for a bold purple look, matcha powder is perfect for a strong green, and a jet-black look can be achieved by using black cocoa powder or charcoal powder. 

halloween spider cake

Ideas and Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to achieve easy but effective spooky bakes:

  • Melt marshmallows and stretch them over chocolate cupcakes or cookies for a cobweb look.
  • Drizzle melted white chocolate over plain cookies and add googly eye decorations to make mummies.
  • Pipe meringue kisses and decorate with melted dark chocolate faces to create ghosts.
  • Tie pieces of string around balls of donut or bun dough and remove after baking to form pumpkin shapes.


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