Student Ambassador Krystal: Jubilee Bakes Inspiration

The Queen’s Jubilee & iconic British bakes

On the 11th June each year we celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday. This year however, the celebrations are even bigger as 2022 marks the 70th year of her reign. As the first British monarch to celebrate 70 years on the throne, this calls for a Platinum Jubilee Celebration.

In 1977, the Queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee with the nation, vising 36 counties where street parties emerged across the country. This year, the Jubilee weekend celebrations will take place from the 2nd - 5th June, and people will be taking to the street to celebrate! 
With every celebration, there should be food. Why not create some iconic bakes like the Battenberg cake, scones, trifles, Victoria sponge cake or Eccles cakes. 
Below are a few ideas including traditional cakes to bake, so that customers can share with friends, family and neighbours this bank holiday weekend: 



A good old traditional British summer dessert, you simply can’t go wrong with a trifle. Why not add a twist and adapt the flavours, or try the competition-winning Lemon and Amaretto trifle recipe created by Jemma: 

  • Swiss roll sponge filled with jam and custard
  • Lemon curd, St Clementine’s jelly, mandarin coulis
  • Cream, fruits and chocolate bark to top it off

Other inspiration from the recent Jubilee bakery competition finalists:

  • Passionfruit and Thyme Frangipane Tart
  • Jubilee Bundt Cake
  • Rose Falooda Cake
  • Four Nations Pudding. 

Whatever you decide to make, be sure to enjoy all the celebrations and sweet treats this Platinum Jubilee Weekend!! 

Torte Mousse Layers red, white and blue cake 

  • Red velvet cake layers soaked in a simple syrup
  • White crème mousse layers
  • Dawn Delifruit Blueberry layer
  • Topped with blueberry compote


Platinum Lemon Fondant Fancies 

  • Dawn Crème Cake Base with Lemon Fruit Concentrate
  • Lemon coulis 
  • Dawn Decorgel Neutral Glaze
  • Silver colouring and/or spray
  • White Icing for piping decorations

Note: You can flood the fancies with white icing instead of using a sugar paste, then make a drip effect after the icing has set. To make them more elegant you can cover the drips with the silver colouring or spray.