Student Ambassador Marko: Lockdown Bakery Trends and Croation Inspiration

Waffle Sundae

I often find myself scrolling through the discovery page on Instagram, rather than my own news feed, just because I feel like the algorithm will pick out new things for me that it knows I will find interesting. While it is so easy to get lost in endless videos of delicious food making, one stand-out trend that will never go out of style is comfort food. Whether it’s a huge bowl of cheesy pasta or a tower of colourful ice cream, restaurants, bakeries, even food trucks are finding new ways of making comfort food classics.



Other trends that are still growing in popularity include veganism, vegetarianism and eco-friendly food. Going green to contribute to saving our planet is really increasing and in turn, creating comfort food from veggie and raw sources is too.

Marko Josipovic, a second-year bakery and patisserie degree student at University College Birmingham (UCB) is a Dawn Foods’ Student Ambassador. Here he shares his favourite social media food trends from ‘lockdown’ as well as bakery inspiration from his home country of Croatia.

When it comes to the world of bakery and cookery, food trends are changing all the time. Some are returning, others are never leaving, and some just come and go. While I’m not a trend expert, it is interesting to see how some trends can appear out of nowhere on social media and make the whole world go crazy!

Let’s take the lockdown situation for example. Easy recipes, with few resources, are popular amongst creators, who are keen to show people how to turn nothing into something.

Dalgona coffee was a huge trend for one hot minute (about 2 weeks to be exact), and it is crazy to think how coffee, water and a little sugar made such a big impact on the world, in such a short time frame. A little later, mini pancakes – or pancake cereal, took the world by storm. Serving bite size pancakes in a bowl with some fruit, syrup and butter became very popular, probably because it’s a fun new take on something everyone knows and loves. It’s also very photogenic and ‘Instagrammable’ too. However, it again reached its peak popularity after only a week, and then the craze died down.



Vegetable Juices

Croatian Influence

Food trends from my home country, Croatia, have always been a little bit behind the times but there are plenty of fancy bakeries now opening, doing modern takes on classic Croatian desserts.

One of my favourites is one that my grandma used to make. Called Kremšnita, it is a custard type cake with layers of thin and crispy puff pastry on the bottom and top, with a thick layer of fluffy set custard in the middle. Traditionally it’s sprinkled with icing sugar, but my grandma would make a chocolate glaze for the top. If I was doing a modern take on it, I would probably make it into a plated dessert and do a deconstructed version with pieces of crispy puff pastry, whipped custard, chocolate ganache and maybe add some fresh fruit.




When it comes to baking, Croatian cakes and bakes are fairly simple and traditional, associated with the Grandmas and Moms who make them. I think walnut is the most used ingredient in Croatian baking because there are so many cakes and desserts containing walnuts, such as baklava, walnut rolls and more!