Student Ambassador Megan Roberts - Easter Day Blog Post

Easter is here and when it comes to Easter baking, it’s time to innovate and create!

Easter is one of the few times of the year when we can have chocolate and cake for breakfast if we want and not feel guilty.  I wanted to tell you about a few of my favourite flavour combinations so you can perhaps share them with family, friends and customers over the Easter holiday. 

For a luxurious treat this Easter and possibly a welcome break from chocolate, my favourite flavour combination right now is chamomile and pear which tastes amazing in the centre of a delicious macaron.  In addition to unusual and new fillings, there is a trend in beautifully hand painted macarons, so get out the paint brush and let your inner child run wild.

For chocolate lovers my flavour combination heaven is chocolate, salted caramel and passion fruit.  Rich chocolate, seductive caramel and tart passion fruit offer a treat for the taste buds. This combination works well in a chocolate bundt cake decorated with drizzled caramel and you guessed it more chocolate, with a passion fruit coulis served alongside to add zing and freshness.

For relaxed afternoons surrounded by family, friends and cups of tea, I can’t think of a better accompaniment than a delicious scone.  My favourite adaptation of a classic scone recipe is to add lemon and crushed bay leaf to the mix; the citrus and earthy taste offers the perfect palette cleanser, so you’re ready to consume more Easter treats!