Tough economic times have given rise to a new way of thinking and behaving. The continuing challenges of unexpected weather conditions, global energy concerns, extreme political groups, asylum seekers and shifts in geo-political power all contribute to a new sense of survival and a need for us to manage in difficult times.

Products will be aimed at independent living aspirations. Functional food and packaging will facilitate life on the go. Segmented packaging; ration packs delivering just what is required; making food and swapping it, giving and getting on our terms. Leftovers will be used to make interesting new combinations. Food is no longer just about calories and enjoyment; added beneits are increasingly more desirable as consumers look for health and state altering products to enable them to ‘survive’ their daily lives.

Time is of a premium and consumers are looking for more creative, inventive, ‘healthful’ foods to eat on the move whilst getting nutritional goodness. Consumer interest in ‘natural’, basic ingredients and health-enhancing foods will lead to food being used more directly as a way to heal. Traditional niche health products will move into the mainstream, and regular products will be adapted to sit within the health category. Increasingly, products in the food sector will be designed to meet many purposes, as consumers look for new ways to improve and promote their survival.

In light of uncertain futures, the increasing need for emotional security will also result in new ways to connect with our local communities. As restrictions and abundance become more polarised, finding ways to share will be essential and clever. Companies will incorporate much more communication and interaction with their consumers.