Take Home the Bakery Gold

Be Social

Social media is also a smart tool for driving sales. Advertise all you’re doing for any key sporting events and post regularly about them. In addition to telling followers what you’re doing, always include pictures. And, don’t be shy about asking what you want your customers to do – stop by at breakfast for a themed donut; throw your own sports watch party and let us create the treats; be specific and you’ll get more results. You can also include fun facts about any of the events to get people engaged.

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Feature Recipes that Reflect our Athletes

Whilst some sports events are certainly global, people typically are most focused on their athletes from home. To celebrate the United Kingdom athletes, feature recipes from their hometowns or parts of the country. Do you have athletes from your town you can feature? Someone who graduated from a college or university in your area? Use this idea and localise it to the people and recipes that matter most to your customers.

Ramp Up the Competition

If you have themed desserts and active social media, bring both together and encourage customers to decide which treat takes home the gold. Ask customers to vote for their favourite desserts by buying them. One purchase gets that dessert one step closer to the medal podium. At the end of each day or week, you’ve got your own gold medal winner and a sweet treat that will capture the attention of your customers long after the sports events are over.

Celebration Donuts

We’ve got some great tips to share with you for increasing your sales with key sporting events.


Ensure Products and Promotions Work Together

Summer offers no shortage of special occasions and sporting events to keep consumers coming through your doors. Continue to build on that momentum and extend your summer sales push by making sure you add these  into your product and promotions mix. They can be the perfect occasion for bridging the gap between Spring and Back to School, giving you maximum profits all summer long.

Olympic Ring Donuts

Decorating for the Win

Working sports events into your bakery range can be as easy as shifting your decorations and colour palette to fit the occasion. Think of items like cookies or donuts decorated as gold, silver and bronze trophy rings, or even the famous coloured rings for the special 'once in every fours' sporting opportunity. You can also make your cakes or cupcakes competition-ready reflecting the day’s competitions and sorts events in your cake decorating. Think water waves for swimming, basket balls, archery, football, tennis and more. This is also a time when patriotism runs high so help your customers celebrate the United Kingdom and our top athletes.

Campfire Cupcakes