From the world of technology, flat screens and disembodied people, we look to texture to put some tactility and feeling back into the smooth world we have been living in. New flavour combinations have been stealing the show for many years, but now it is texture’s turn to step into the spotlight.

The focus is on mouthfeel, imprinted foods, embossed coatings and multiple textures in one. New surface textures and ways to create texture, in and on food, will start to be more commonplace with extruding and food ink printing onto edibles. Consumers want fun ways to personalise their edible creations.

Whether in the form of food like ‘bricks’ or parts to be snapped off, the way pieces connect together will form new textured possibilities for producing everyday foods from cakes to bread. Foods that fit together and link-up will create a greater product experience and become more popular. Think ‘tear and share’ or products which can be broken off, or divided into bite-size pieces. Packaging, containers and boxes will all embrace texture and tactility as a new interest, adding to a much more textured food space.

The biggest way to add USP under this texture trend is via contrasting mouthfeel experiences. Popping, fizzing and oozing juxtaposed with soft, creamy or chewy will create unexpected and complex moments. Multiple mouthfeel textures will add creativity, dimension and essentially a new life to known products.