Using Instagram to Encourage Bakery Visits

Once bakers have created an Instagram account and developed a following by posting mouthwatering photos of flaky pastries, intricately decorated cakes or colourful cupcakes, they’re ready to take the channel to the next level - using it to drive bakery visits.

To do this effectively requires syncing your bakery’s Instagram presence with its in-store atmosphere and events. Here are some guidelines:

Make Your Bakery Instagram-Friendly

Product photos rule but finished treats aren’t the only subjects you should shoot, especially as people place more and more value on memorable food experiences. Capturing social media-ready shots of your shop decoration, signage, displays and bakery exterior can get people excited about seeing it in person.

“We have a floral installation outside our Kensington store to drive more business,” explains Daisy Heath, social media manager at London-based Primrose Bakery. “Not only is it more visible but people take lots of photos outside—especially influencers, whose followings can translate into customers for us.”

Creating Instagram-friendly murals to drive foot traffic is a rising trend for food hot spots. For example, one of Chicago’s Parlor Pizza locations has a mural of pizza wings that customers frequently use to frame themselves in photos.

Rachael Samuels, manager, social media, at social management and analytics platform Sprout Social, says artwork can be an effective way to illustrate your bakery's story. And if it includes your Instagram handle or a branded hashtag (think a couple of words that include your bakery’s name or signature creation), it can promote your social presence and help build your brand every time a fan posts a picture of it.