After a time of constriction and contraction economically, things are being inflated, blown out of proportion, big and bold. There is a sense of making a statement about being here, bigger and better than ever.

Exaggerating proportions and taking up more space will give birth to bulbous natural forms and uneven surfaces. Light, puffed-up textures add volume, form, size and interest to edibles. The use of air will allow brands to create bigger products using the same amount of ingredients, giving the consumer a sense of value for money. Inflating known ingredients will transform foods. Air, foam and bubbles will be used to add dimension but also lightness.

The botox-plumping extreme translates into everything from cake to candy. Bubbles, types of bubble-gum forms, glass dome desserts, gelatines, sugar globes, melting marshmallows, marshmallow and candy floss, large sponge cake bubbles and breads with extra yeast – food becomes puffed up.

Bubble teas will translate into other beverages and also into foods, providing chewy textures for liquids and also lighter, different mouthfeel experiences in food. Inflated aerated foods all play on the larger-than-life ephemeral qualities of the bubble form.

Giant foods and supersized edibles will give new consumer interest to nostalgic products. Food puffed with air will excite consumers, as textures become fun and the volume within products increases; fizzing foods and popping textures abound.