What’s Going to be Baking Hot in 2019?

Rebecca Orell, who is studying for a Foundation Degree in Bakery and Patisserie at University College Birmingham (UCB) and is Dawn Foods’ Student Ambassador shares her views on the bakery trends to look out for in 2019:
The bakery industry sees many trends through the years, some stay popular over time such as salted caramel for example, while others quickly come and go as tastes and trends change. So, what will 2019 have to offer?


Boozy Bakery

Did someone say alcohol flavoured bakery treats? If the recent unveiling of Christmas products is anything to go by, it is expected that 2019 will see an increase in this trend. According to Innova Database there has been a 101% rise in this type of product already. Flavours to watch out for in 2019 include Bourbon, Prosecco, Gin and even cocktail infusions. For a Pina Colada-inspired cheesecake, add a splash of Malibu to Dawn Foods’ Cheesecake Filling/Base Mix, paired with Banana Fruit concentrate.


Added Crunch

A fantastic bakery product isn’t just about flavour – texture plays a big part in our enjoyment too. Various layers of texture create interest in every bite and create a perfect eating quality for consumers. Try using Dawn Foods Crème Brulee Dessert Mix and Dawn Florentine Mix, adding your favourite nuts and dried cranberries to crumble over the top to create a texturally interesting dessert, with both smooth and crunchy elements.


Herbal Heaven

Adding herbs usually used in savoury dishes to sweeten bakery items – rosemary, lemon verbena, lavender, thyme, basil and lemongrass for example gives more depth and dimension to the taste experience. We’ve already seen floral tones such as lavender as big news in 2018 and the trend is set to widen in 2019 as consumer interest in aromatics increases.


Free From

Free from bakery products, such as gluten free, have increased over the years and this trend continues to grow, from niche products only available in health stores to now being readily available in supermarkets. Bakers can now easily add a gluten free option to their range – without compromising on taste and texture – with Dawn Foods Gluten Free range of mixes, all made in a dedicated gluten free environment.


Time for Tea?

Originally a mini meal used to prevent hunger between mealtimes, tea time is now a big occasion, to spend time with loved ones and many bakeries have taken advantage of this trend to generate additional business. The focus is elegant cakes that are served alongside sandwiches, savoury treats and scones. To keep up with the ever-changing trend, bakeries need to create interesting flavour combinations and cakes that are visually appealing to the eye. Using Dawn Foods Tarte Citron and Dawn Delifruit Classic Blackberry, bakers can create a twist on the classic Tart au Citron. Simply add a layer of Delifruit Blackberry on the bottom of the tart before baking to add an extra dimension of flavour. Garnish with Italian meringue shards to add the wow factor.