Wimbledon Tips

Wimbledon is here, so it’s time to think of some tasty treats you can make to attract and impress your customers this summer.

When thinking about flavours associated with Wimbledon the most common is strawberries and cream. This year it has been estimated that there will be 34,000 kg (166,000 servings) of strawberries eaten, but how can we give this classic a modern twist? Well using Dawn Foods French Macaron mix and Dawn Strawberry Compound you can create delicate macaron shells, without all the fuss. For the filling cut up fresh strawberries and leave them to marinate in strawberry liqueur, sugar, lemon juice and freshly chopped mint for about two hours. This process enhances the flavour and the addition of mint adds another dimension leaving a refreshing taste on the palate. To complete these macarons, pipe a generous amount of Chantilly cream on one, add your fresh strawberries into the middle and place the other macaron on top and there you have a modern twist to the classic strawberries and cream.

Also, during Wimbledon at least 29,000 bottles of champagne are consumed, so you can create a Peach Bellini cupcake that any champagne lover would enjoy. Simply cut the centre out of your cupcakes, poach your peaches in a little sugar syrup until tender and place in the centre. To top off your cupcakes make a buttercream using Dawn Foods Marc de Champagne compound and then pipe a swirl on top. To add the finishing touches, use Dawn Dobla Chocolate Decorations and serve with some sparkling elderflower presse.  For an indulgent menu such as afternoon tea, why not add a glass of champagne?

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the tennis.