Crème Cake Mixes

Crème Cake can be used for a wide variety of applications, including sheet cakes, loaf cakes, round cakes, steamed puddings and even muffins. Their reliability and ease of use mean a great result every time, even for unskilled staff, and because they suspend inclusions and combine with other ingredients well, their potential is endless. Our products are available in classic plain and chocolate flavours so you can produce great tasting favourites in your own personalised range.

Features & Benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Excellent texture provide a moist and tasty eat
  • Peace of mind ingredient attributes

Ingredient benefits

  • Natural flavours
  • Palm oil free
  • FSA 2017 salt compliant
  • Halal certified
  • Chocolate variants contain UTZ cocoa powder

Application benefits

  • Easy to make: just add egg, oil and water
  • Great batter strength
  • Delivers consistent flat, even layers with good volume - holds shape well
  • Ideal for carrying inclusions and fillings 
  • Multipurpose use: make a wide range of formats
  • Freeze/thaw stable