Genoese Cake Bases

These easy to handle products make level, fine textured and consistent cakes that are perfect for a variety of uses such as birthday and celebration cakes, gateaux, slab cakes or fairy cakes. Specially formulated to give more cake for less batter, our Genoese bases retain moisture right throughout their 5-7 day shelf life.

Available in two formats:

  • Dark Devils Genoese Cake Base produces a rich, chocolately sponge with a truly indulgent taste
  • Golden Genoese Cake Base gives a deliciously light and buttery cake that takes colour well - ideal for Battenburg



  • Excellent texture and superb eating quality
  • Great volume with even rise - meaning less trimming and waste
  • Reliable batter that holds up to customisation well
  • Easy to make - just add oil and water
  • Moist crumb for up to 5-7 days