Layer Cake Mixes

With Dawn Layer Cake Mixes, you can bake the perfect American style layer cake just as it is made in the States. These authentic American Layer Cake Mixes guarantee a firm and moist cake with an imposing height, fantastic flavour and delicate texture. They are perfect for creating eye-catching, mouth-watering tall American style layer cakes with delicious fillings and decadent toppings.

Features & Benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Moist and fine texture
  • Perfect for eye-catching layered birthday or celebration cakes, or just everyday desserts
  • Delicious flavour and light eating quality

Ingredient benefits

  • Natural colours & flavours
  • Tight crumb structure that supports a longer shelf life & multiple layers
  • Available in 3 varieties: White, Vanilla or Chocolate

Application benefits

  • Easy to use - just add water & oil
  • Delivers consistent flat, even layers & excellent volume
  • 'White' version holds colours well with no bleeding

Start building your signature layer cakes today!