Muffin Mixes and Bases

Dawn Muffins are authentic American muffins, giving your customers the best in taste, flavours and texture. We’ve developed a wide range of muffins mixes and bases to meet all your needs:

Muffin Mixes and Bases

High quality and versatile, our Muffin mixes have a deliciously moist, airy texture, that suspends inclusions well, always domes and is ideal for all types of muffins. Whether you want to make traditional muffins, loaf cakes or family cakes, these bases perform no matter what. Just top, fill or customize your muffins for a product assortment that will stand out.

Available in two classic flavours – plain and chocolate, just add inclusions like chocolate chunks, fresh or dried fruit, nuts and finish with Dawn icings or frostings.


  • An authentic American recipe
  • Classic flavours your customers will love
  • Easy to make - just add oil and water
  • Domed finish every time
  • Suspends all inclusions well – even injections
  • Freezes and thaws well after baking

Long Life Muffin Bases

If you need muffins with a longer shelf life, then our Long Life Muffin Bases are for you. You can reduce your labour costs and waste, while giving your customers a high quality muffin that stays fresh longer.

Muffin Concentrates

Made just for large production bakery operations, our authentic muffin concentrates are ideal for larger volumes and ready for inclusions. Our concentrates are available in both Vanilla and Chocolate.