Chocolate Decorations

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Our Dobla branded chocolate toppings and decorations are the perfect finishing touch for your cakes, desserts and patisserie products. 

This high quality range includes curls, shavings, tubes, sprinkle stars, fans, leaves and much more, allowing you to easily add value to your products and create maximum stand out. Our assortment boxes provide a mixed variety of eye-catching decorations to choose from, and the range is also updated seasonally to include tailored Halloween and Christmas selections.



Our toppings range includes UTZ certified milk, dark and white chocolate curls, along with other popular flavours. The larger mega curls come in a premium looking marbled effect, and for a more rustic looking finish use our rolled shavings available in milk, dark and white chocolate also.



To premiumise your sweet bakes and desserts we offer a wide range of special decorations in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Rectangular, square and triangular blocks are ideal sitting around cake edges for definition, whilst our long, thin tubes provide an elegant finish to slices, eclairs and elongated desserts. Leaves and flowers can soften the style of your patisserie, whilst sprinkle stars are a great addition to any celebratory products.


Assortment Boxes

If you are stuck for choice, why not pick one of our assortment boxes so you have a variety of decorations available at your finger tips. We have six to choose from, find out more in our brochure below: