Dawn Toppings comprise a range of high quality sauces and syrups that are ideal for decorating ice cream and desserts, as well as for making milkshakes. All are natural flavours and the majority are ready to use in cold and hot applications. 

Topping Sauces

With flavours including our readily available Chocolate, Caramel Butterscotch and Strawberry, to 'made to order' varieties such as Mocha, Fruits of the Forest and Amarena Cherry, there is something for all tastes. Our 1kg functional, top-down squeeze bottles make portioning easy plus they include a handy closure anti-drop lid. These sauces are ready-to-use but can also be heated where required or requested.  

Topping Syrups

Also ideal for your dessert creations is our ready-to-use Maple Flavoured Syrup, available in a 1kg bottle, and our Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce, available in a 3kg tub and designed for heating before serving.