Bake Stable Fillings 

Breakfast pastries on the rise  

From almond croissants to plaited buns, filled pastries are an everyday breakfast favourite, and customers are always looking for new and exciting flavour combinations to try. With reports suggesting breakfast bakery is now growing ahead of total bakery - having a comprehensive range of breakfast pastries and sweet treats for the morning rush is essential for any bakery or foodservice outlet.

Fanciful fillings that are simple to create 

With our easy to use Filling Mixes it's simple to create your own range of unique filled pastries and bakery products. We offer 2 ranges: BakeFill, which comprises a Neutral product that is more economical for creating different fillings, and PlusFill, a range brimming with inclusions for a more premium taste. Varieties include Cinnamon, Yogurt, Almond and Poppyseed.

Easy to make - then just spread, fill or layer!

The mixes require the addition of water* to make bake stable flavour pastes suitable for spreading, filling or layering into all sorts of viennoiseries, breads or cakes. Our Bakefill Neutral Filling mix combines well with Dawn® Fruit Fillings or Flavours to make surprising and unique fruity or chocolatey varieties.



Consumer benefits

• Delicious high quality filled pastries
• Wide range of flavours and varieties to enjoy
• Peace of mind ingredients attributes

Ingredient benefits

• Made with natural flavours
• Cage free certified eggs

Application benefits
• Easy to use – simply mix in water*, leave to hydrate for 10-15 minutes and the product is ready to use!
• Reliable, high quality and consistent results
• Bake and freeze-thaw stable
• Suitable for many types of applications including pastry, dough or sweet breads.

*Excludes PlusFill Quark which also requires the addition of Curd Cheese 

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