Fruit Fillings

Our Dawn Delifruit fruit fillings are ideal for filling, decorating or flavouring your mix of desserts, cakes, pies, danish pastry, mousses, and more. We carefully select the best fruits in season from leading places of origin, so you can rest assured that you are giving your customers an experience they won’t forget.



  • All natural flavours, available in 24 varieties and packaging sizes
  • Our fillings feature Belgian Jonagold Apple, Red Cherry Montmorency, Williams Pear and Pandi Dark Sour Cherry
  • Ready to use, straight from the packaging
  • Produced in nut free and halal certified sites

All our fruit fillings contain whole fruit, fruit concentrate, pulp or puree, and are created specifically for ‘fresh’ application. Depending on your needs, we offer three families of fillings:

Delifruit Xtra

Our most premium filling, it contains 90% fruit content. Created to be as fresh as possible, we use fresh fruit compote as the main binding agent.

  • Apples are freshly peeled
  • Available in 5,5 or 11kg bucket


Delifruit Classic

Ideal for quality baking, our classic formula contains 60-70% fruit content and in most varieties and uses whole fruits. We pack our filling in tins, meaning the fruit integrity is conserved and shelf life extended up to 24 months

  • Formula is bake and freeze stable
  • Whole fruits (except for Raspberry, Lemon, Orange and Passion Fruit)


Delifruit Daily

Perfect for basic creations, our daily formula offers less than 50% fruit content, but doesn’t sacrifice on taste.

  • Offers a shelf life of nine months
  • Bake and freeze stable