Dawn Compounds are concentrated flavouring pastes made with fruit juices, extracts and/or puree for flexible, everyday and multipurpose flavouring.

Boost your Creativity 

Compounds are perfect for creating a variety of enticing tastes and colours to elevate your bakery creations. They can be used with nearly any baked goods including frostings, fillings, creams, ice creams, chocolate or praline fillings, dairy products, milk shakes and more!


  •  All natural flavours and colours for peace of mind
  •  Standardised viscosity for easier and faster application
  •  Preservative free
  •  High fruit percentage
  •  Great taste and natural smell

Pair with our Neutral Products 

We have a range of ingredients that are neutral in flavour and colour, and pair well with any of our Compounds for endless flavour combinations.  

Vegan Suitable Compounds

Vegan Compounds

For more information on our Compounds range and to see the flavours available download our brochure: