Egg Free Glazes

Our ready to use, clean label, egg free glazes; Unishine Plus, Emulshine Extra and Emulshine Extra Sugar Free, give you a non-sticky, long lasting, golden shine for all of your baked goods. They can replace regular egg wash, making you less dependent on availability and the variable pricing of fresh eggs, in turn making planning and budgeting much easier for your business.

Adding glaze to your products will enhance the look of freshness and quality.  Create an enticing, golden finish without using an egg containing product and also reduce the risk of bacterial contamination in your bakeries and kitchens.

Unishine Plus


Use just before or after baking on a wide range of viennoiserie, patisserie, buns and brioche. Suitable for vegans with no e-numbers, no preservatives and no palm oil. Baking trays are easy to clean after use. 

Emulshine Extra and Extra Sugar Free

Use before or after proofing, freezing or baking on puff pastry, bread rolls, buns and frozen bake-off products. Suitable for vegetarians with no e-numbers, no preservatives and no palm oil.