Fondant is used by pastry chefs to artfully decorate éclairs, viennoiserie and other patisserie products, or also as an ingredient for fillings or truffles. Our fondants are available in two different variants and can be combined with Dawn Compounds for endless colour and taste variations. 



  • Small and convenient packaging for every day use
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Halal certified 
  • Versatile application
  • Holds colours, flavours and Dawn Compounds well 


Fondant Sublime

This time saving, extra soft, quick drying fondant gives you an intense white, high shine finish. Apply by dipping, draping or piping through a piping bag. 

  • Ready to use at 35-40°C  
  • Freeze, thaw and refrigeration stable
  • Doesn't run or crack


Fondant Extra

This traditional hard fondant should be diluted and tempered for use and produces an intense white and stable colour over time. 

  • Smooth texture from very fine crystals
  • No separation
  • Kosher certified