We know that convenience, easy to use products and versatility are key to your success as a busy baker or food operator. That’s why our icings give you the complete solution for your finishing needs, all with natural colours and flavours, palm oil free plus great tastes and textures. You can apply them with a palette knife or heat them for more delicate work. Products can be iced traditionally, flooded, dipped or spun to create custom designs that set your bakery apart. Use on your sweet bakery and fine patisserie products including donuts, brownies, Danish pastry, cupcakes, eclairs, and much more!


Glossy Icings


Our Glossy Icings are easy to use and provide a high quality, premium finish for your bakery treats.  Use straight from the pail or for more delicate work heat to 40 - 45°C.  

  • Time saving and versatile
  • Perfect shine
  • Freeze and thaw stable
  • Favourite flavours - white, vanilla, chocolate and caramel
  • Resealable pails - easy to store at ambient temperature 


Fudge Icings 

Our Fudge Icings are versatile and can turn your everyday sweet treats into personalised, signature delights. Just heat through to 40 - 50°C and then use to decorate your products however you wish.

  • Superb textures
  • Fast drying 
  • Range of different flavours - chocolate, coffee, lemon and strawberry 
  • Freeze and thaw stable
  • Resealable pails - easy to store at ambient temperature