3.5kg Foodservice Mixes

At Dawn Foods we are trusted by bakers the world over for the products, experience and insights to help your business succeed. For our foodservice customers, we have a range of convenient 3.5kg mixes that give you that same quality you’ve come to expect, in an easy-to-use formulation - just water, or water and oil/butter.

Improved Recipes

There are authentic American mixes for Crème Cake, Muffins, Cookies and Brownies, and traditional European mixes for waffles and pancakes. All recipes:

  • are made with natural flavours
  • are free from palm oil
  • contain UTZ/Rainforest Alliance cocoa (chocolate products)


Explore the Range

Our 3.5kg mixes are also now organised under new product categories to make it easy for you and your team to find the right product every time.

American Style Crème Cake Mixes - suitable for many different applications, such as cake, tarts, tray bakes and even muffins. Their versatility and ease of use mean a great result every time, even for unskilled staff, and because they suspend inclusions and combine with other ingredients well, their potential is endless.

American Style Muffin Mixes - whether you want to make mini, mushroom or tulip muffins, Dawn Muffin Mixes perform no matter what. Our muffins have a deliciously moist, airy texture, that suspends inclusions well, always domes and is ideal for all formats. Add inclusions like chocolate chunks, fresh or dried fruit, or nuts and finish with Dawn Icings or Frostings.

American Style Brownie and Cookie Mixes - based on original authentic American recipes, giving your customers the best in taste and texture. Cookies, with a crisp bite and chewy centre are available in the popular flavours plain and chocolate. Brownies have a rustic cracked lighter-brown surface, just how they should be!

American Style Bakery for any Occasion - classic, light and fluffy waffles with a delicious crispy crust, for any time of the day, and smooth pancakes with a light and airy texture; the perfect American style breakfast