Brownie Batter

Using an authentic American recipe and celebrating consumer trends, use our batter to deliver an indulgent experience from smell – to look – to taste!

Dawn Scoop & Bake Chocolate Brownie:

  • Sell with smell – consumers love freshly baked chocolate aromas, helping you sell more
  • Create impulse purchases
  • Customize your brownies – handmade finishes will pull in consumers who crave today’s artisanal trends
  • Celebrate personalization - differentiate with individual touches and elevate the price point for your brownies
  • Improve your profitability – stocking and managing costs are easy, allowing you to sell what you bake
  • Versatile product to vary your product offerings – to give your customers reasons to buy, all year long


  • All natural flavours, free from colours or preservatives
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Made with Free Range Eggs
  • Made with UTZ Certified chocolate
  • Based on an authentic American recipe
  • Contains real chocolate pieces for great taste