Ready-to-Serve Brownies

Our ready-to-serve brownies are the convenient, smart choice for your bakery, available in precut sheets for as well as individually wrapped options.

Brownie Sheets

Our Brownie sheets have been baked in trays which are each decorated by hand and pre-cut to offer attractive homemade artisanal looking brownies. Available in Chocolate Swirl and Blondie Brownie, they are not just any brownie. These are authentic American Brownies, based on traditional recipes. We bring together indulgent flavours with the perfect brownie texture - not too cakey, not too chewy. They’re just right every time.


  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Made with real chocolate for an indulgent treat
  • Offers seven days shelf life to help manage stock levels
  • Attractive, handmade finishes will entice consumers
  • Pre-cut slices for consistent portions
  • Tray has perforated edges for easy serving

Brownie Disc

Dawn’s Brownie Disc can be served alone or used as a base to create unique, individual sweet treats. Be sure to stand out from your competitors and give your customers treats they’ll be willing to pay more for.

Our brownie is lighter in texture and full of chocolate flavor. And with its flat top and a circular format, it’s ideal for adding toppings, layers or ice-cream.


  • Create multiple desserts from one base
  • Easy to customize with Dawn’s fillings, toppings and decorations
  • Create simple but eye catching finishes for impulse treats