Seasonal Star Donut

Our Seasonal Star Donut is perfect for any holiday or celebration! Save on valuable preparation time by simply thawing these donuts as you need them.

Made with our own donut mix 

Made with our expertly developed American donut mix, our Seasonal Star Donut provides a delicious eat with a soft inside. It is filled with a tasty crème patisserie custard style filling, topped with a red glaze icing and a sprinkle of celebratory white stars, adding a crunchy texture to this delightful treat.



  • Quick and easy way to get ready for holidays and celebrations
  • A colourful star shape with crème patissiere custard style filling and a crunchy texture topping
  • Eye-catching premium sweet treat
  • Great size and appeal - 83g
  • Simply thaw & serve!


Seasonal Star Donut