Coconut Products

This NEW range of coconut products combines the on-trend coconut flavour with classic chocolate and tangy fruit for totally irresistible taste and texture experiences. Coconut continues to increase in popularity and is fast becoming a flavour that is no longer seen as seasonal, but in demand all year round. It offers consumers delicious indulgence and a satisfying eat. Have your coconut fix any way you want with our range of thaw and serve coconut products:

Chocolate & Coconut Cookie

An indulgent chocolate cookie with coconut pieces and dark chocolate chunks throughout for a truly delicious eat 

Chocolate & Coconut Cookie Puck

Offer freshly baked, deliciously smelling product with all of the fantastic attributes of our ready baked cookie

Coconut Ring Donut

A classic ring donut with a creamy coconut filling and chocolate flavour coating that satisfies with every bite 

Coconut & Pineapple Muffin 

A fresh tasting, light textured coconut flavoured muffin that's heavy on flavour and filled with a pineapple jam