Cookie Dough

Dawn Scoop & Bake Cookie Dough makes great tasting, freshly baked cookies as well as cookie based desserts. Simply defrost what you need, roll out, and then either use as a base for your products or cut into original/fun shapes. You can even crumble on top of desserts to create exciting and delicious cookie creations.

Dawn's Scoop & Bake Cookie Dough comes in two classic flavours; Cookie Dough Vanilla and Cookie Dough Choc Chip.  


  • Packed in easy to store 2kg tubs 
  • Sell with smell - consumers love the freshly baked aroma of cookies
  • Create impulse purchases and bring your customers back
  • Attract with ease - handmade finishes will pull in consumers who want custom cookies
  • Easy to bake, giving you great results with any skill level
  • So versatile - make much more than just ordinary cookies using this flexible solution