Classic Donuts

Dawn created the first ever commercial donut mix in the 1920s in Jackson, Michigan, and we’ve lead the way ever since. All of our ready-to-serve donuts are made using our expertly developed American donut mixes and bases so we can guarantee great results every time. Let us help you create a donut offering that sets your business apart - create attractive, mouthwatering displays that tempt customers every day.

Ready-to-Serve Donuts

Our ready-to-serve donuts are the perfect fit for today’s busy bakeries and outlets. They are ready to sell after simply thawing for 60 minutes. They give you the same rich taste as freshly baked donuts and will make your customers feel like you have baked each donut just for them. 

The Range

  • Plain ring donut
  • Sugared ring donut
  • Plain Berliner (ball) donut 
  • Chocolate covered ring donut*
  • Chocolate covered mini ring donut* 
  • Glazed mini ring donut*
  • NEW Mini Ring Donut
*non-stocked item 


Get Creative!

Our classic donuts are a delicious eat on their own, but if you want a range of signature donuts then unleash your imagination and get creative!

1) Fill to the brim 

Nothing beats a delicious filling in a fluffy ball donut - use our range of Delifruit Fruit Fillings, Fonds, Compounds and Filling Mixes to deliver unique suprises inside each of your donuts.

2) Eye-catching icing 

The first thing customers see is the top of a donut, so eye-catching icings will make sure you get their attention! Dawn Dip Quik White Icing is ready to use at room temperature and by combining it with our range of Compounds you will have endless flavour and colour combinations. Simply place in a bowl, give it a stir, mix in a Compound for flavour or colour and then start dipping! 

3) The finishing touch 

You've filled, iced and now the final touch. Maximise your donut appeal and command a higher price point by premiumising your finishes. From nuts and sprinkles to fresh flowers and fruit, your customers will enjoy the look and taste! Dawn also offers a superb range of high quality Doba Chocolate Decorations and Toppings to add that perfect finishing touch.   

Download our Plain Ball Donuts brochure for some creative inspiration for finishing your signature donut range: