At Dawn, our muffins are made using authentic American recipes, giving you the best in taste and texture. Moist and full of flavour, they are the perfect sweet treat for any time of day, just simply thaw and serve. Individually wrapped to preserve shelf life, we offer a variety of different shapes and formats in a range of flavours to suit your business and customers:


Our 37g mini muffins are a guilt-free pleasure, available in blueberry and double chocolate flavours. 


Our classic muffins weigh in at 80g and come in a light beige coloured tulip muffin case, available in blueberry and double chocolate flavours.   


Our classic mushroom shaped muffins provide that generous overspill around the sides and come at an even generous weight of +130g, in double chocolate, skinny blueberry and lemon injected flavours. A real treat!  


Our premium muffins come in a quality, dark brown coloured tulip muffin case. Available in blueberry, triple chocolate and lemon injected flavours they are generously sized at +120g, for a deliciously indulgent moment.

Seasonal and Specific

As well as our core range, we also bring out seasonal and occasion led muffin varieties (see our Breakfast Range brochure below) and for those businesses looking at high volume runs we are able to manufacture trendy flavour combinations, all made with superior ingredients, with an extensive range of inclusions, fillings and decorations.